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Apple iMac 27'' 3,8 GHz 8-core, 32 GB RAM

Cubase 11

Logic X

SSL Alpha-Link MADI AX Converters 24 I/O



Geithain RL906

Yamaha NS-635

Klein & Hummel O-92


Mixingdesk RFT MP4084 with FB80 ChannelEQs, EB80 MasterEQ, RV80 MasterLimiter

Chandler RS124 Abbey Road Tube Compressor

Thermionic Culture Rooster Stereo Tube Preamp with EQ

Joemeek SC-2 v1.05

TL Audio 2012 Tube EQ


AKG BX-15 Spring Reverb

Klemt Echolette NG51 Tube Delay

MEM-106 Analog Echo

Aria AD-05 AnalogDelay

SubtleNoiseMaker Cacophonator

MFB 808 Clone Drummachine

Pedals: TubeScreamer, MXR Bluebox MXR Analog Delay, Line6Delay,

SmallStone Phaser, Vox BigBen Overdrive, SansAmp Tri-AC, Custom Fuzzbox...


1 x Gefell UM57 Tube

2 x Coles 4038

1 x Bang&Olufsen BM5 Stereo Ribbon

1 x CAD E-350

2 x U87 "Mo Stern" Clone

1 x AKG D12

1 x Oktava ML-16 Ribbon 1968

2 x Oktava MK012

2 x Sennheiser MD-21

1 x Audix D6

3 x SM57

2 x Beta58

2 x AKG C1000s



Rogers XP8:

                     BD 24''

                     Floor Tom 18''

                     Rack Tom 13''

                     Snare Dynasonic 14''


                     BD 20''

                     Floor Tom 14''

                     Rack Tom 12''


Duesenberg "Carl Carlton"

Lake Placid "Telecaster"

Guild M-20 Steelstring with Fishman PickUp

Framus Steelstring with P90 PickUp

Aria Jazzguitar

Ovation Steelstring

Gibson EB-0 Bass

Yamaha Bass aktive



Vox AC-30

Fender Concert with 2x12'' Cabinet

Amateur GDR 5W Tube


Schimmel Upright Piano

Yamaha Electone E-50 (Organ/Synth)

Vermona PERfourMER Analog Synth

Roland SH2000 Analog Synth

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