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My name is Johannes Saal. I'm a musician and studio owner originally based in Berlin. I used to work out of "Funkhaus Berlin", 2017 I decided to build another place in France.

Pink Moon Studios is a residential studio for music production, mixing and recording and a creativ space for artists from all genres. It's based in the South of France, beautifully located in the nature reserve Haut-Languedoc close to Narbonne, about 40 km from the Mediterranean Sea.

There are a couple of restaurants and bars within a 15 min drive from the studio.

The "Auberge de l'Ecole" for example is a traditional restaurant run by an elderly married couple for the last decades. Good home-made food from the region.

Or the newly renovated "Village Castigno" in Assignan. Really high-end, modern and a bit more chic restaurants, a bar/ cafe and beautiful accomodation. They have their own vineyard producing in my opinion the best wine in the region. And in the summer there are some open air concerts, wine tastings etc.

The nearest airports are Beziers, Carcassonne, Montpellier and Toulouse.

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